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We applaud the recent creation of the Aude.vs platform (United Airports of Spain. Vigilantes), born with the aim of dignifying the work of airport security guards.

The Aude.vs platform is created by the union of security guards, worker representatives, members of company committees and/or union sections. All united in a common front, this union is born from the exhaustion of abuses of the security companies, Aena and Aesa, which with their low-cost pricing policies do nothing but make airports and the working conditions of private security workers precarious.

Airport security guards are required to have specific titles to work there, continuous training, continuous quality audits by the company, Aena, Aesa, and the state security forces and bodies to which they are assigned. linked. As if this were not enough, it is combined with the work stress of ensuring the safety of thousands of travelers daily, the harassment of many passengers who do not respect them, and helplessness at work, since the passenger is prioritized over the guard. All this for a very attractive mileurist salary for the companies that win the million-dollar competitions at the airports.

The platform will coordinate a series of initiatives at the state level to achieve the recognition of airport security, it will fight to achieve salary improvements, professional recognition, among other objectives that it aims to achieve.

Security guards from 18 airports have already joined the platform, this already shows how bad this sector is and that it is not a problem of one airport in particular, but rather it is a problem that is repeated in all airports in Spain.

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